Medi Vend



Medi+Data™ provides 24/7/365 secure online access to all data captured by your Medi+Vend™ health kiosk and Medi+Point™ registration system.

  • daily client information, segmented by age, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation in a secure environment, applying strict data governance protocols
  • create bespoke on-line surveys and questionnaires by individual kiosk, location, region
  • post news and informational content in real time with preview function
  • monitor kiosk stock level and control replenishment cycle
  • create and manage staff accounts and rights to view, edit and publish content
  • user forum amongst PCTs for information sharing, best practice, technical issues exchange
  • edit your FAQ, STI, clinic and glossary information
  • review and analyse your data by type of vend, page view and kiosk engagements
  • export data in graph format into MS Excel
  • generate PDF e mails to team members containing user statistics and output data
  • supports the production of required minimum data for invoicing


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