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Press Release - October 2010

Cammax Purchases Intellectual Property of Medi+Vend™ and the Drugs Box®

Cammax Announcement

On the 21st September, Cammax purchased the Intellectual Property of the Medi+Vend™ and the Drugs Box® and Drink Angel.

Cammax is one of the UK’s largest kiosk manufacturers. Over the last 11 years the company has successfully supplied over 6,000 kiosks to the public and private sectors both throughout the UK and internationally, and as a result have a very healthy balance sheet. Cammax is in a strong position to support and develop the Medi+Vend™ system in the future, and have a dedicated call out team to respond immediately to any hardware faults.

In the past there have been a number of issues which resulted in the kiosks experiencing limited usage and Cammax is committed to resolving these issues for customers who wish to join Cammax and continue on with the Medi+Vend™ project. The team are aware that a lot of time, effort and money has been put in to make Medi+Vend™ a success and all personnel are very much committed to providing a service going forward.


Our Commitment

As part of our commitment Cammax has already taken on the on-going costs of the server which runs Medi+Vend™, therefore on the provision customers are supplying their own internet connection the service will continue to run as before.

Needless to say there will be some changes to the offering; however these would be for the benefit of the service and as a result of feedback from existing customers. Cammax has been involved with Engage Now since January as the manufacturer of the Medi+Vend™ hardware so we are aware of all the previous challenges. As a larger company we are in a position to offer a more robust solution.

The team are excited at the prospect of being able to develop this idea and take the concept into new and exciting areas of tele-health so watch this space.



For any enquiries regarding telehealth touch screen vending kiosks or Medi+Vend™ please contact Cammax Ltd. on

01977 669955


11, Oct, 2010
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