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Medi+Vend™ in Brum Schools

Medi+Vend™ providing Sexual Health Service to schools in Birmingham

Medi+Vend™ vending machines giving out free condoms, chlamyidia tests and information including sexual health, drinking and drug abuse are being put into schools in Birmingham. The programme started with two schools in the city and four more across the West Midlands.

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Cathy Hill is Lead Nurse for Reproductive & Sexual Health Service in Birmingham.

"In this country, Birmingham is one of the hot-spots for teenage  pregnancy and sexual ill health.  And if you take that further along, if the UK has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy, then you have to say that Birmingham has to have one of the highest rates in Europe."

Sexual health workers believe Birmingham has the potential to be Europe's worst sexual health hotspot, as shown by the latest teenage pregnancy figures - where the rate of under-16s conceptions in the city is 25% above the national average.

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30, May, 2010
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